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Dear Hillary, We’re Crazy. Love, Some U.S. Senators.

December 3, 2010

Hillary Clinton back in the day, before she had to deal with letters from Senators.

The world is not fair. I know this. You know this. Hillary Clinton knows this. Taylor Swift knows this. Even all entities of NKOTBSB know this. Who does not? It appears that certain members in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, namely leading Republican members, do not.

Before we get into the issue of the day, let us lay down a few basic principles:

  1. Climate change is real and a requires pretty hefty solutions.
  2. Climate change does not impact all people or countries in the same way.
  3. Some countries are more responsible than others for climate change.
  4. Those who are well off should help the less fortunate.
  5. Rich countries should help poor countries deal with climate change impacts.
  6. The sac-dress is the most amazing invention since the telephone.

Today, these fine individuals sent a note to Secretary of State (and also one of my top 5 idols – a list including, but not limited to, Lady Gaga in her acoustic phase) Hillary Clinton, asking that she “freeze all future requests” for any funding related to climate change for developing nations, under the rationale that it is “inappropriate” while the U.S. economy is struggling.

Fact: the amount of money the U.S. has earmarked to deal with climate change, in a global climate change fund created by the United Nations last year, is currently just over $1 billion per year.

To put this in perspective, this is a day in the U.S. military.

Or, the net worth of the Miley Cyrus franchise.

To put it simply, climate change financing is necessary from countries around the world to deal with the immediate, yes-they’re-already-happening, impacts on developing countries. To target that relatively small budget line with the rationale of improving the US economy is a little like telling your company to remove the health benefits of two employees for the sake of cost savings. Right idea, wrong target.

So if you really want to spur the US economy, there are likely other ways to do it.

We feel for you Sec. Clinton, we do.

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  1. bill permalink
    January 28, 2011 12:28 pm

    execellent. We need Hillary as president in 2012

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